22 for 22

We are delivering 22 dogs to 22 veterans between now and Veteran's Day, November 11, 2022.


Through the Top Tier K9's ESDog program, we strive to make this happen.

Emotional Support Dogs

We have partnered with Top Tier K9 who runs the "Build a Battle Buddy" the "Buy a Battle Buddy" and the "Emotional Support Dogs" programs.


Our job is to get those veterans and first responders a service dog or emotional support dog which can roughly cost between $4,500 - $18,500 if paid out of pocket, or be stuck on a waiting list for years.


With Forgotten Coast K9, and the programs provided, your investment is $5,000 for "Build a battle Buddy," "Buy A Battle Buddy," and $500 for the "Emotional Support Dog." Our research and experience has proven that simply giving a service dog to someone is the wrong approach and seldom works. The Veteran and/or First Responder has to have "skin in the game" to show they are willing to take charge of their life, and make a massive change for the better.


Almost 100% of the time, when a dog is just given to a handler, these dogs come right back to us, and we have to re-train and eventually rehome that dog. We help with fundraising, so if money is tight, do not worry, just ask us for options, and we will help in anyway. 

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Craig & Juni

Craig was in need of a service dog due to his diagnosis with stage 4 colon cancer along with PTSD from his honorable service in the US Marines, he could not go through our other programs, and the ES Dog was the perfect fit for his situation.

Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans program provides an emotional support dog to veterans and first responders who may not need a full-blown service dog just like Craig. But still need that companion to help them through their daily life. These dogs are are trained in high level obedience, have a solid baseline for advanced training, and are conditioned to handle situations better than others that label their dogs as "service dogs."

* Blue is to bring awareness to Colon Cancer, to honor and remember Craig. This is for you brother. *

Top tier k9

Top Tier K9 runs the "Build a Battle Buddy" the "Buy a Battle Buddy" and the "Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans (ESDogs)" programs and partners with us (Forgotten Co to provide the services required to train a disabled veteran/first responder how to train his own service dog (build a battle buddy), how to handle a service dog provided to the veteran or first responder (buy a battle buddy) or the Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans program that provides emotional support dogs to veterans who may not need a full blown service dog (ESDogs).  These programs includes a charitable element that pays for most of the costs associated with tuition, the dogs, and the finishing programs.  Selected disabled veterans and first responders must contribute to their own training.  Top Tier K9 provides a $1 for $1 match to the charity through reductions in tuition and associated fees.


Top Tier K9 has hundreds of certified dog trainers across the country.  Each of these trainers is available to train emotional support dogs rescued from a local shelter. 


Using certified dog trainers, dogs are trained from your local rescues, shelters, or our inventory for people with disabilities and for those in need of an emotional support dog.  Trainers are certified through Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers and the new owners are trained through Top Tier K9's owner/handler training programs.

Best Trained

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