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Application Process

Service Dog

To be eligible to enter the Forgotten Coast K9 program, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder.

Application must be completed by the veteran and/or first responder or answered under the direction of the applicant. If completed by someone other than the veteran and/or first responder, on a separate piece of paper, please identify the person completing the application and explain why the veteran and/or first responder is unable to complete the application on their own.

service dog


To be eligible to enter into the Forgotten Coast K9 programs, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder:

  • Whose injuries took place during military service (stateside or deployed), or as a first responder.

  • Willing to submit a criminal background check.

  • Committed to taking the steps necessary to take charge of your life and your future.

  • Able to care for and manage a dog.

  • Have $5,000 and travel expenses to North Florida for 2 weeks to invest as your part of the $21,000 program.

    • If you are interested in the Emotion​al Support Dog, your investment will be $500.

  • Provide us with a video walkthrough of your home to verify conditions are acceptable for a Service Dog. Please send this video to: Subject: Name (Home Video).

Please note:

Sending in the application is only the first step in the application process. The application will be reviewed upon receipt; any additional information needed will be requested from the veteran and/or first responder, or their family member. Once the application is complete it must be reviewed by the Application Committee for tentative approval. The timeframe between tentative approval and actual receipt of a service dog will depend on how fast the application is completed and sent in. It is important to send in all required documents so that the Application Committee can make an informed decision about the application. The veteran and/or first responder will be notified by a representative of Forgotten Coast K9 as to the status of the application (put into the queue, deferred, etc.).

**We are not affiliated with the VA in any capacity.**

If you have any questions regarding the application process, or eligibility please contact:

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