Programs Provided

We have partnered with Top Tier K9 who runs the "Build a Battle Buddy" the "Buy a Battle Buddy" and the "Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans" programs. Our job is to get those veterans and first responders a service dog which can roughly cost between $25,000 - $40,000 if paid out of pocket, or on a waiting list for years. With Forgotten Coast K9, and the programs provided, your investment is $5,000. Our research and experience has proven that simply giving a service dog to someone is the wrong approach and seldom works. The Veteran and/or First Responder has to have "skin in the game" to show they are willing to take charge of their life, and make a massive change for the better. Almost 100% of the time, when a dog is just given to a handler, these dogs come right back to us, and we have to re-train and eventually rehome that dog. We help with fundraising, so if money is tight, do not worry, just ask us for options, and we will help in anyway. 

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Build a Battle Buddy

With the Build a Battle Buddy program, you take a 30-week course, 28 weeks is all online, and the last 2 weeks you come to Madison, FL with housing already paid for, you will have to pay for your travel from your home to the training facility and the housing provided and then back home, along with any food expenses. Once you complete the 30-week course, you can apply to attend the Top Tier K9 business bootcamp and advanced certifications programs learning the skills to start and run your own dog training business. Top Tier K9 developed the “Build a Battle Buddy” program to help ensure that veterans and first responders receive an education, trains his own service dog, and can replicate that training in the future to train his next service dog.

Buy a Battle Buddy

This program is 8 weeks long and all online and consists of having a service dog delivered to you. These service dogs are matched during the course with the handler for their specific needs. During this course the handlers will be trained on how to handle, care, feed, and maintenance of the dog along with your own advanced training. Whether you choose the “Build a Battle Buddy,” or the “Buy a Battle Buddy,” you can be rest assured that you will not just be given a trained canine and saying, “Good luck,” and walking away.

Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans program provides an emotional support dog to veterans and first responders who may not need a full-blown service dog. But still need that companion to help them through their daily life. These dogs are are trained in high level obedience, have a solid baseline for advanced training, and are conditioned to handle situations better than others. 

These programs include a charitable element that pays for most of the costs associated with tuition, the dogs, and the finishing programs.  Selected disabled veterans and first responders must contribute to their own training.

We are aligning the proper businesses for effective contributions and sponsorships of this program.  Donations can be made to acquire the working line puppies, outfit the puppies with leashes, collars, climbs, veterinary care, crates, treats, toys, food etc..., and the tuition necessary to complete all the training required and proven to be the right formula and approach for training service dogs. 

This is the chance of a lifetime for our disabled veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD who are interested in this skillset and to get a new lead on life. To donate to this program please head over to our donations page, if you are a veteran or first responder in need and interested in one of these programs, please fill out our application and we will work tirelessly to make sure you are taken care of as fast as possible.


Service Dogs

The service dogs provided are from reputable breeders that have been thoroughly vetted through Top Tier K9’s process. Through this program dogs are also trained for people with special “additional duty” needs that include protection, sport, hunting and other activates for any owner and their dog. No other company offers service dogs that also protect their owners and their owner’s property to the level of quality offered by Top Tier K9. Most service dog organizations specifically exclude dogs that protect from their list of services and training simply because they are incapable of effectively training those dogs and owners.  


Remember that protection cannot be the "qualifying" reason for a service dog, but it can be an "additional duty" of the dog provided the training is done properly.  Training your own service dog as a protection dog is something Top Tier K9 does not recommend.  Protection dogs must be professionally trained.  They never show aggression, bark at people, or snap at anyone unprovoked.  They properly respond to commands, are stable, and protect their owner from real threats.  Top Tier K9 selects your service dog from their dogs on hand that are branded as Foundation Dogs®.  Ready to rumble, track, find specific odor, perform off leash obedience and of course...protect you and your family.

Some of the basic functions Foundation Dogs® can perform include:

  • Protection

  • Specific Odor Detection

  • Tracking

  • Search and Rescue

  • Item Retrieval

  • Off leash obedience

Each dog is specifically trained from 6 weeks old to a reward system making it easier to add any function related to service such as:

  • Opening/closing a door

  • Alerting to a specific sound, or change in environment

  • Waking someone from a bad dream

  • Pulling the owner out of a stress event

  • Turning on/off a light

  • Identifying and indicating on any odor including high and low blood sugar


Link to current ADA requirements for service dogs
Link to frequently asked questions on current requirements

Link to Code of Federal Regulations 

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