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Changed Lives

These are just a portion of the lives that have been changed by going through one of our programs. This is their page, their stories, and their lives that have been saved, thanks to their companion. Please take the time to read through each one of these honorable service members and/or first responders, understand their stories. This is why we do what we do as an organization, helping those who have sacrificed their lives for this country, we can only do this through corporate and private donations.  Every dollar helps.


KC & Zander

A Letter from KC's wife, Dodie:

My husband got his first service dog shortly after he was diagnosed with PTSD.  Zander came into our lives at a time that his nightmares, depression and anxiety had taken over our lives and had sucked all of the life out of my normally vibrant, outgoing, and confident husband.  Zander immediately started waking him from his nightmares before they could negatively affect his day and calmed him when he left the house and his anxiety would start to kick in.  Zander allowed him to cut his prescription back to the bare minimum and significantly reduced the number over all he was taking.  Within a short period of time he was back to being my normal husband and was willing to go out and about without feeling overwhelmed, anxious and for lack of a better word, scared.  Zander also helped other’s whom he came in contact with.  On his good days, he would trigger on others who were having a bad day and lift them up, or bring it to my husband’s attention so that he might lift them up.  These dogs are amazing and give the families and the handler their lives back.  There is no end to their calming presence and the joy they bring the handler as well as the family.

Service Dog

"When my world goes dark and my mind starts to slip into the lair where the demons lay in wait, Zander reaches down into that pit of blackness and snatches me back to the light with licks and cuddles and an unconditional love that defies mortal understanding.  That’s what Zander does for me."

- KC

David &Rex

A Letter from David's family:

Rex came into David’s life at the most opportune time. David suffers from PTSD, as most do that have been involved in any life threatening  situation.  He was at the point that he really wasn’t excited about even getting out the bed in the morning. Since Rex was given to him, he has become a completely different person. He is more outgoing and energetic, but most of all he has someone to give him that sense of peace and calm just when he needs it.  I truly believe that service dogs can be life saving best friends that are priceless. I thank God all the time for allowing David and Rex to find each other. They are both goofballs who I truly believe  needed each other equally. 

"Rex is the most amazing thing that happened to me... he's such a great companion, loyal, and obedient. He goes everywhere with me... and I always feel safe and protected with my battle buddy!"
- David E.

Service Dog

Craig & Juni

A Letter from Craig's Marine brother, Tyler:

Back in 2008, I met Craig, who at the time was a recruiter for the United States Marine Corps. Craig and I stayed in touch for more than 10 years, while I served in the Corps, when I was deployed to Afghanistan, and after I got out. I last saw him in 2019 when he worked for me on a small island off the coast of NC, Ocracoke. In the late months of 2021, Craig was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver. He found out what I was doing, and became very interested in going through our 30-week course to obtain a service dog. After a visit to his doctors, he went in for emergency surgery, and I had to make the unfortunate call for him not to attend our upcoming class. After talking with Chris, we were able to get Craig a service dog, Juni. After Craig received Juni, his life completely changed, within just a few hours Craig found the motivation to get up from his recliner. He has started gaining weight, he has more energy to want to do more activities, and his overall mood has changed tremendously. Juni gave Craig purpose and continues to push him through his chemo treatments. It is amazing being able to see firsthand what a service dog has done for my brother, and it continues to drive myself to want to do so much more.


May 20th, 2022 we lost Craig to his battle with cancer. He fought until the very end, and he will always be remembered as one of the strongest men I have ever met. I am proud to say Juni helped him live even more during his final days, and made a deeper impact to those that loved him. 

Til Valhalla, Brother. 

service dog

"You guys have changed my life"
- Craig S.

Cody's Story

In 2011 Kandahar Provence Afghanistan, my unit and I was on a routine mounted patrol, I was the gunner on the lead truck. Our Vehicle was struck by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). I woke up several days later in the hospital completely confused and lost to where I was and how I ended up there. The Doctor soon came in and told me what had happened. I was diagnosed with TBI, (traumatic brain injury) and following the explosion was medevac'd out. After receiving an MRI/CT scan they noticed sever hemorrhaging, and undergone surgery. I soon found out that that two of my fellow brothers did not survive the explosion.


I was struck with guilt with the thought of surviving and felt as though I should have been stronger and then maybe I could have helped them live. Guilt plagued me for years wishing it was me and not them. In 2016 depression and guilt got the best of me. I attempted suicide. The guilt of surviving while others didn't, past moments on repeat, faces of those lost, I was ashamed of myself for living. I was given medication and therapy for a while. But I still thought about my failed attempt and planned out my next and final one...


A year goes by and I get married. Marriage was a struggle for us. We fought constantly and rage overcomes me at random times. we go to marriage counseling time and time again, but our marriage was at a breaking point. That's when my life changed forever. I adopted a dog named Copper. He is a Rhodesian ridgeback and I saw him at the shelter he was 35lbs neglected and abused and all I can think about is how that dog needs me. I adopted him and brought him

Service Dog

home. Raised him to health and wanted to train him. I later reached out to Jeff Minder from Top Tier K9 and attended the Pet Training and Certification Program. But I couldn't just stop there. Training dogs was changing my life my marriage was stronger than ever my depression left me. I no longer was taking drugs for depression I was focusing on taking care of Copper. I soon went on to complete Top Tier K9's Foundation Dog Training. In the program you raise a pup from 6 weeks old to complete a multitude of tasks, Obedience, Tracking, Scent Detection, and Protection. I Got Cairo a 6-week-old Dutch Shepherd. We Trained every chance we got. I went on to Certify In Foundation Dog Training.


This program has saved my life my marriage and has given me something to wake up to every morning and love to do. I now own my own Business Thin Line K9 and could not be happier. Dog training is not a job but a therapy.

Valerie & Tiny

     My name is Valerie Hollingsworth, and I was raised in rural Missouri. Unfortunately, I was sexually assaulted as a child, which left me with some people issues. I joined the Marines straight out of high school as an avionics technician. Where I worked on CH-53’s for 5 years, and spent one year as a rifle instructor. The Marine Corps was a rewarding experience. However, it did little to help with the anxiety, and sleeplessness that has plagued me for so long. 

     Originally, my husband and I went to Top Tier K9 for a demonstration dog, and certification to represent our own dog business, “Loyalty Dogs.” Honestly, I didn’t really think my issues were an actual problem. Avoiding people, and distrust seemed normal. It didn’t take long for the Build A Battle Buddy program to begin unraveling those things for me, and when I started seeing the world from the other side I realized maybe I did need a little assistance. 

      At times, I feel my anxiety beginning to build, and I take my service dog aside to play. In moments, I’m giggling like a child, and things brighten. When my dog and I are out I don’t worry about other people. It helps knowing that my dog has my back no matter where I go. My husband recently said that what this dog has done for me is priceless, and he couldn’t have said it better.

Service Dog
"Thank you Top Tier K9, and Forgotten Coast k9 for everything you're doing."
-Valerie H.

Brooks & Bane

After separating from the Air Force, Brooks suffered from severe depression, social anxiety and hypervigilance. He thought he didn’t deserve help due to not seeing combat. After it started to affect life at home with his family with no interest in getting out of the house, brooks began seeking help. When bane came into his life his passion for working with dogs blossomed and gave him a purpose to get out to expand on his training with bane and gave him an outlet to focus his mind on something positive.

"Bane changed my life, and I owe it to every dog to make them the strongest and most confident dogs they can be. It also showed me how to grow and be more confident in the same respect.


Don’t be ashamed to seek help, even if you think you don’t deserve it."


Service Dog

Blake & Kira

I grew up in North Florida and throughout school played sports, very social person, always go with the flow kind of person. After high school I tried the college thing, and it didn't take long to figure out that it wasn't for me. Growing up in a military family it wasn't really a surprise to anyone that I joined the Army,. Straight out of AlT where I trained as a Medic, I went to Germany and within 2 months was in Afghanistan for a year. A little while after coming back is when I noticed I wasn't the same. You don't just flip a switch after being amped up for a year straight. Hypervigilance, guilt, a sense of worthlessness, social anxiety, anger outburst, and depression, but you're coping with these things with alcohol. Being "Doc" you're responsible for taking care of others so I put my own issues on the back burner. At that time, I didn't speak to anyone about any of it besides my Uncle Rick, who served in the Marines. Rick was someone I looked up to a lot from an early age and tried to emulate. Unfortunately, he passed in January of 2013 which hit hard. The one person I was opening up to was gone so I just bottled it all up. The depression, guild, anger, anxiety,


hypervigilance, and self-isolation. In 2016 I medically retired out, and I felt like I didn't have much purpose. Started going to therapy when I got out and even with years of therapy and different medications it didn't discourage a failed attempt in February 2022. That made me feel even worse cause hell I was a new dad, doing pretty well for myself I should have had been happy, but overall, I was going through the motions to appear things were okay, when I wasn't because all those built-up feelings and issues were taking a toll on me. After that I was focused on getting better not only for me but most importantly for my son. I did an intensive outpatient program for 2 weeks, reconnected with other veterans and was trying to get better. Between my therapist and the outpatient medical staff it was suggested that I look into getting a service dog, something I had actually been trying to do for years. I'd spoken to several organizations and individual trainers but with long waitlists, costs, and timing, things never worked out. Even after coming back from those 2 weeks, I started searching but it still seemed like it was impossible, until I came across Forgotten Coast K9. I spoke with Chris and could tell he was on a mission to help as many Veterans and First Responders as he could. As soon as that phone call ended I got everything I needed and sent it in. In a very short time, compared to other organizations that I'd reached out to, Chris got back with me and said, "Hey man, you're in. Class starts in a few weeks." Before I knew it we had a meeting explaining how things would go and shortly after I started class and was matched with Kira. Kira and I are currently in the Build a Battle Buddy program and she's doing great. It's been right at a month now and just having her with me every day has been good for me. Seeing her progress is exciting and gives me a more positive outlook on how this journey will go. It's still a long road with a lot of information to take in, so it can be overwhelming but that reward at the end and for years to come I know will be worth it. Very thankful for the folks at Forgotten Coast K9 and for this opportunity!

Eric & JuneBug

After getting out of the Marine Corps, I struggled with trying to be a civilian. I have my inner demons that I dealt with and was easy to compartmentalize while I was still active duty, because I was around family, not by blood, but by what we had been through together. After having to get out of the Marine Corps, the struggles got worse. Drugs, counseling did nothing. Working with dogs saved me from what I had thoughts about. Dogs saved my life. And right now as we speak, JuneBug saves my life everyday. She has my back as I have hers.

"What Forgotten Coast K9 with you (Tyler) and Chris have done for me, there is no words to describe, except that you guys saved me from self destruction."

- Eric V.

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