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Taking Care of Our Own

We take pride in honoring and empowering our veterans and first responders that are in need of a service dog. 

Our partnership with one of top dog trainer schools in the nation, Top Tier K9 (TTK9) helps us provide the best training and education to our handlers and their dogs. We begin by selecting puppies from breeders that are fully vetted by TTK9 which are called a Foundation Dog®. We then put each handler through TTK9's Pet Trainer class where they learn to train pets through the Build A Battle Buddy Program. There are other programs available, and we try to match the best pup to the right trainer.

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Not Forgotten

Every day Veterans and First Responders are diagnosed with PTSD.

Dealing with an ongoing battle at home doesn't have to happen alone. Service dogs help those that have served us in many ways.


Typically the process to obtain a service dog can take 2-5 years. However, with our revolutionary training, through Top Tier K9, the process in getting an essential service dog to a veteran, or first responder in need, is less than six months.

In Need Of Help?

service dog
Service Dog

"When my world goes dark and my mind starts to slip into the lair where the demons lay in wait, Zander reaches down into that pit of blackness and snatches me back to the light with licks and cuddles and an unconditional love that defies mortal understanding.  That’s what Zander does for me."


- KC

Programs Available 

First Responder

Build a Battle Buddy

Take a 30-week course, 28 weeks will be online, and the last 2 weeks you come to Madison, FL with housing already paid for. This is our longest and most rewarding program, you pick your pup, you train him/her starting at six weeks old yourself as we are with you every step of the way, teaching you everything you need to know.


Buy a Battle Buddy

This is a 8-week online course, where we teach you everything you need to know about service dogs, what to do, and what not to do. After the course you will receive your service dog fully trained as an official Foundation Dog®.

service dog

Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans program provides an emotional support dog to veterans and first responders who may not need a full-blown service dog. 


Foundation Dog®

Foundation Dog® is the gold standard in the world of working dogs.

They are utilized as police K9, COVID-19 detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs and sports dogs. A replicable breeding, selection and training process that produces consistent high quality working dogs. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC.



To be eligible to enter the Forgotten Coast K9 program, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder.

Application must be completed by the veteran and/or first responder or answered under the direction of the applicant. If completed by someone other than the veteran and/or first responder, on a separate piece of paper, please identify the person completing the application and explain why the veteran and/or first responder is unable to complete the application on their own.

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