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Forgotten Coast K9

Changing Lives.
Saving Lives.
You Are Not Forgotten.

Mission First

Veterans and First Responders have sacrificed so much for their country, and we thank you for everything that you have done.

At Forgotten Coast K9, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact within the hero community by addressing the distressing rate of Veteran and First Responder suicides. Our main focus is to help provide individuals with highly trained service dogs along with comprehensive education and support. We understand the immense sacrifices made by those brave individuals and their families to ensure our freedom and security. 

To fulfill this mission we have partnered with some of the top dog trainers, that share our mission and passion to give the best education and service dogs available. We aim to end all veteran and first responder suicide, and we truly believe, "Service Dogs Heal."

PTSD Service Dog

In Need Of Help?

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Taking Care of Our Own

We prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to addressing the critical issue of veteran and first responder suicide. Through our experience, we have found that the most impactful way to make a difference is by providing the best education and trained SERVICE DOGS to those in need.

We strive for the utmost quality, beginning with selecting puppies that have been thoroughly vetted through our channels, where they begin their journey to become task trained service dogs. Each handler undergoes a service dog training class, where they learn valuable skills in training service dogs through our Service Paws Academy. We prioritize finding the perfect match between pup and its trainer, considering individual needs and strengths to maximize success.

Not Forgotten

ptsd service dog
service dog training

Every day Veterans and First Responders are diagnosed with PTSD.

We empathize the challenges and struggles individuals with PTSD face on a daily basis - feeling isolated, on edge, and lacking support. At Forgotten Coast K9, we believe that no one should have to endure this battle alone. Service dogs have proven to be highly beneficial in alleviating symptoms and providing crucial assistance.

Traditionally, the process of obtaining a service dog can be lengthy, often taking between 2 to 5 years. However, through our innovative training methods we have streamlined the process significantly. We can now class up and provide an essential service dog to a veteran or first responder in need once they entered into the program in less than six months.

This revolutionary approach enables us to expedite the training and placement of service dogs, ensuring that those who require them can have access to the support and companionship they desperately need. Our goal is to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals battling with PTSD by providing them with a specially trained service dog in a shorter timeframe than traditional programs.

Service Dog

"So, James had another Grand Mal Seizure. Harley was acting up 10 min before. James tried to calm her down by walking around the house. Then I said maybe you should sit down and calm her. Just as he sat down the seizure started. I ran to grab his medicine as she jumped on him on the chair and I kept telling him to pat her. The seizure didn't last as long since the medicine helped stop it. But she did what she was supposed to do"


- Fahm (James's Wife)

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Service Paws Academy

Service Paws Academy is geared around helping our veterans and first responders personally.

More Information to Come!


Service Dogs

To be eligible to enter the Forgotten Coast K9 program, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder.

Application must be completed by the veteran and/or first responder or answered under the direction of the applicant. If completed by someone other than the veteran and/or first responder, on a separate sheet of paper, please identify the person completing the application and explain why the veteran and/or first responder is unable to complete the application on their own.

Our Partners

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