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Buy a Battle Buddy

We have partnered with Top Tier K9 who runs the "Build a Battle Buddy" the "Buy a Battle Buddy" and the "Emotional Support Dogs" programs.

Service Dog

Our job is to get those veterans and first responders a service dog or emotional support dog which can roughly cost between $4,500 - $18,500 if paid out of pocket, or be stuck on a waiting list for years.


With Forgotten Coast K9, and the programs provided, your investment is $5,000 for "Build a battle Buddy," "Buy A Battle Buddy," and $500 for the "Emotional Support Dog." Our research and experience has proven that simply giving a service dog to someone is the wrong approach and seldom works. The Veteran and/or First Responder has to have "skin in the game" to show they are willing to take charge of their life, and make a massive change for the better.


Almost 100% of the time, when a dog is just given to a handler, these dogs come right back to us, and we have to re-train and eventually rehome that dog. We help with fundraising, so if money is tight, do not worry, just ask us for options, and we will help in anyway. 



Disabled Veterans and First Responders need to know they are taken care of.

This program is 8 weeks long and all online and consists of having a service dog delivered to you. These service dogs are matched during the course with the handler for their specific needs. During this course the handlers will be trained on how to handle, care, feed, and maintenance of the dog along with your own advanced training. Whether you choose the “Build a Battle Buddy,” or the “Buy a Battle Buddy,” you can be rest assured that you will not just be given a trained canine and saying, “Good luck,” and walking away.

Service Dog

To be eligible to enter the Forgotten Coast K9 program, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder.

Application must be completed by the veteran and/or first responder or answered under the direction of the applicant. If completed by someone other than the veteran and/or first responder, on a separate piece of paper, please identify the person completing the application and explain why the veteran and/or first responder is unable to complete the application on their own.

Service Dog
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